Fairness is a Childhood, not a Job.

More than 150 million children around the world are exploited for labor, with over half of these children engaged in hazardous work in fields, mines, and factories. There is no future, no prosperity and no fundamental humanity in the places where children are made to work and GFI joins the global community committed to the United NationsSustainable Development Goals (SDG 8.7) and the eradication of all forms of exploitative labor in the next decade.

Fairness is paying Me the same as He.

Economies thrive when there is equal access to opportunity and \competition favors competence over all else. When women are paid less than men for the same work, it undermines not just a social balance, but also the core drivers of an economy by disincentivizing the contribution and engagement of half the workforce.  We believe that paying women less than men is not just morally wrong, it is economically stupid.

Fairness is no ceiling to my success

The world’s youth are ready to be the drivers of social and economic progress across the globe,  but too many lack the practical and professional skills needed to launch their careers. Without foundational skills, young people struggle to secure the jobs or build the enterprises that will help them and their communities thrive, GFI is committed to  helping youth build the confidence and skills needed to own their success and secure a shared prosperity.

Fairness is equal representation

Whether in the boardroom or the Senate, equal representation is essential to ensuring that marginalized groups have and are advocates in positions of power. Until underrepresentation is addressed at all levels, discriminatory laws and practices will remain. The Global Fairness Initiative supports UN Women in it’s work to equalize representation for women across the globe.

Fairness is a wage I can live on

Being paid a fair wage respects the fundamental rights of workers, and is an essential part of the International Labor Organization’s definition of Decent Work. At the Global Fairness Initiative, we are inspired by the leadership of the AFL-CIO to improve the lives of working people in the U.S. and beyond.

Fairness is no ceiling to my success

The world’s youth are ready to begin their lives and careers, but many face significant barriers to gaining work and life skills. Without these foundational skills, it’s often impossible for young adults to grow to their full potential. That’s why the Global Fairness Initiative works across Latin America to provide foundational skills and job opportunities to low-income youth.

Fairness is security in my retirement

Too many people lack financial security and stability as they age. No one should be prevented from a comfortable retirement after a long life of work. The Global Fairness Initiative is inspired by the AARP’s work to secure prosperous lives for America’s elderly.


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