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The #FairnessIs campaign was launched to give a face and voice to the working poor. These individuals are the men, women, and children who play key roles in the global economy but who are left behind - and we hope that shining a light on the issues they face and will inspire reflection, action, and change.

These individuals represent the many millions around the world who find themselves in poverty, living in an enduring struggle with little-to-nothing, in the face of adversity from conflict to oppression.

The Global Fairness Initiative works tirelessly with local communities and policymakers around the world to address economic development and working conditions for the working poor. Unfortunately, poverty is so abundant in the world that we could never hope to cover every issue or underlying cause. Our work has taken us across Latin America, Asia, and Africa, and it was important to us to represent people from many different locations with a variety of poverty-causing challenges to reflect the current state of the world and to put a human face to the complexities of the issues they face.

The Global Fairness Initiative

The Global Fairness Initiative is an independent, non-profit international development organization that promotes a more equitable, sustainable approach to economic development for the world’s working poor by advancing fair wages, equal access to markets, and balanced public policy to generate opportunity and end the cycle of poverty. 

Since 2002, GFI has partnered with hundreds of marginalized working communities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to enhance economic opportunities and build sustainable livelihoods. We have developed innovative programs to preserve and create jobs, empowered women by removing barriers to economic success, advanced fair wages, and expanded revenues so that communities of promise can become centers of prosperity. 

The Global Fairness Initiative has worked in over 50 countries across the globe, with a wide range of partners in all sectors: governments, international organizations, the military, nongovernmental organizations, academics, journalists, civil society networks, and the private sector.

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Global Fairness Initiative
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